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ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort, Okinawa Japan sea resort trip record
    Okinwa: Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort
    (JP page only:not find any English page of this hotel in Rakuten travel site...)

    Intercontinental Manza Beach resort hotel is in Okinawa near Manza-mou. This hotel provides good services especially for the family who have infant children as well as adults.

    - private beach:
    beautiful and not crowded always. My kids played with small surfs on the edge of surf. But they liked to play at the hotel pool, cos they were afraid to be in the sea.

    - marine activity:
    we have tried jet sky, dragon boat, glass board with our children. Even 3 years old children can do some of marine activitie, if they ride with thier parent. we also tried marine athletic filed ...., but this athletic took a lot of muscle power, very hard for me. I thought it was very hard for children under age 10, even for adult, it was hard to climed up the athletic filed objects, if they did not train your body on regular basis.

    - marine rental:
    we rent a kayakku, aqua bike, and they were fun and easy for us. nice weather, calm sea, beautiful scenary.

    hotel garden pool:
    we spent a lot of time on hotel garden water pool. our children liked iy very much. they swum, drunk juice, asleep on the pool side chair with parasol in southern island sunny weather. it was available by 21:00.

    Meals: there were nice restaurants in the hotel. you can use ANA coupon for dining, if you had.

    - aqua bell:
    we had good lunch/dinner time on a pool side table where we can eat some with our swimsuits on. Iliked the taste of this restaurant, and ate there 3 times or more.

    - orchid:
    this is an Okinawa cisine restaurant where you can watch traditional Okinawa shows(Okinawa local folk song, Dram, Schiesser(Okinawa lion) dance, etc.) while eating. Some kids cried at the time of big dram sound and the schiesser dances, but after that they are dancing with performer at the stage.

    - Karin:
    Chinrse restaurant. my family liked the taste of this restaurant very much, especially order buffet was nice.

    - Unkai:
    Japanese and Okinawa food restaurant. the quality of the foods in this restaurant was good, though the amount of them was not so large. I think this restaurant's cuisine and atmosphere fit for adults.

    - Summer events: Pierrot show, astronomical telescope observation, fireworks events were held at evening times. Alot of children recieved baloon arts from the Pierrots. We can see craters on moon surface and Saturn ring by good Vixen astronomical telescopes. It was first time to see the Saturn ring for me and bit impressed.

    - big common bath room: relax eith hot big bath tub, bubble bath, massage.

    - self-laundry service: there is coin laundry, and drying machine. detergent was sold by vending machine near the washing machine.

    - convenience store, grocery shop: we bought some items(water/tea bottles, hat, sun visor, rash guard, swim ring tube) at the shops in this hotel.

    - day care center for children(nursery room): my child stayed for one hour there while we were doing marine activities. The nursery room was located by the beach, and child minder take care for children well. There were many toys, playing and videos.

    we liked many activities, events, restaurants in this hotel. even spending time only at this hotel, private beach, pool was enjoyable. we did not need to force ourselves to go outside of this hotel.

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